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Here's the link to my new storybook:! Hope you enjoy reading it after I finish working on it this semester 

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  1. Kim,

    I loved your telling of the romantic stories involved in the Ramayana. For starters, the first person perspective of Kamadeva was very well done and you certainly get the feel that she's a gossipy reporter who will provide an entertaining interview. Also just the setting of having the interview in a more modern environment makes the stories much more relatable, which can be difficult given the topics covered in the Ramayana. I've seen a lot of people attempt to make the stories more modern, and it has generally worked well. I'm glad you're looking at the romantic aspects of the Ramayana. I haven't seen many people cover it and I think it's something that's emphasized fairly heavily in the stories, especially with the morals involved in some of their relationships. It will be exciting to hear those played out in a modern setting. This was a very interesting read, and I look forward to hearing the three interviews!

  2. Salutations Kim,
    I love the style of your blog! I think it is clever that you included the God of Love as the narrator of the blog and how he's "interviewing" the different couples about their love lives. I felt like I was watching a pilot to a reality TV show! After reading the post, I was intrigued and was left wanting to hear more about the stories of how these three different couples met and what each couple's journey was like. If you were planning on making this a comedic storybook, I suggest adding some funny quotes from each of the couples, making it more like an interview. Also, having visuals of each couple would be nice, not just a picture of the narrator. For the blog itself, I thought it was confusing and hard to navigate through the comment section page, especially with your background color and theme. Otherwise, the method and style approach that you implemented is spot on!

  3. Hey Kim!
    All I can say is wow! Even though your introduction is short I feel that it gets the whole point across about what we are about to read. The comedic aspect of the intro was great too. It seems to me that if you add something funny to your stories you have a lot better job of drawing people in and keeping their attention right off the bat. The way you presented the introduction made me think I was watching a tv show and I definitely want to read more when you decide to post more stories. I was curious, are you going to set these stories in modern day or the days of old? I think a modern take would be perfectly interesting because it would allow us a way to connect to the characters easier. Now I am a sucker for love stories, so I know I am going to be capture by this storybook until you finish it! I definitely will be back for more.

  4. Hi Kim! My first wow moment when looking at your project was when I first saw your banner on your home page. The image is strikingly beautiful and it took me a minute or so to examine the picture and understand what it really was! The lights also add to the overall aesthetic of the picture as well as your homepage. So first off, great job finding the perfect way to capture your audience's attention right from the get-go. I wonder if you could elaborate on the story of Ahalya and Gautama--I know that you will tell their whole story later on in your project, but I hadn't really heard of them, you said "we all know the story of Gautama's heartbreak" but I really didn't Maybe you could explain it in a sentence or two. So I was thinking what if you were described that couple in a couple sentences? I was for sure more familiar with the other couples, especially Rama and Sita after reading the Ramayana.

  5. Hi Kim!
    I love the simple layout of your storybook, and the table of contents on the home page is such a good idea! It really adds to the whole story vibe. Your introduction is immediately captivating and definitely made me laugh. I love Kamadeva already! You did a great job of giving her a personality. She is comical but also really wise. Having her as the narrator makes the facts and information a lot less boring because she keeps adding her own commentary. Part 1 of the Rama and Sita story is written really well, and it gives me a good visual of exactly what is happening. It can be hard to depict emotion in an interview-story but you did it successfully! I am really looking forward to the next interview. It looks like you have a really good plan for the future of your storybook!

  6. Hi Kim!
    I was immediately drawn into your introduction by your narration of Kamadeva. Their playful and fun tone reminds me of the host/voice-overs in shows like Love Island. Regarding content, I don’t have any critiques for the Introduction, I think it’s great. In the second paragraph it says, “Radha and Sita” when I think you mean to put “Rama and Sita”. Also, and this is a bit nit-picky, but I think the paragraphs would cleaner if the order of the couples as they are described is the same as they were introduced. You did a great job painting Rama and Sita throughout their interview and expressing their emotions. I loved that you added descriptions of their facial expressions and body language into the story! I liked that you described how difficult it was for Rama and Sita to be exiled, the Ramayana didn’t go into much detail about how the whole ordeal made Rama feel. He just sort of accepted it and went to the forest. Overall, the first part of their story was great and I can’t wait to read more!

  7. Hi Kim!

    I first clicked on your portfolio story because I love romantic stories and love stories and that is what your page was all about! I think the love stories from the different tales are so much fun to write about. I read your first story "Rama and Sita: Part 1" and really enjoyed it. I like the layout of the back and forth dialogue, it made me feel like I was listening to an actual conversation. The layout of the interview/ talk show made it so much more interesting to read too. It made it light hearted and funny in my opinion. Also, I did not see the sad plot twist coming at all. Even knowing the story, I was not expecting it to turn from so happy and lovey dovey to sad. However, I think it was a good shock for the reader and an unexpected twist. Overall, I love the organization of the story and how you formatted it to make the reader feel included.

  8. Hi Kim,
    I just got through reading through your portfolio for the first time and loved the introduction and the first story. The overall idea sounds super playful and cohesive, and your execution in the first story is a great start to the saga. The introduction was clear and I loved the characterization of Kamadeva. His portrayal as a flamboyantly confident game show host is perfect.
    I do think the first story could have had just a bit more dialogue between all of the characters. Especially after the mention of Rama's exile, there were quite a few notable hardships and triumphs that Rama and Sita faced in that period that would have been cool to expand and embellish on in the interview.
    I'll be back to check out the rest of your stories in the future, I'm enjoying the reality TV interview style.

  9. Hi Kim!

    As my third feedback assignment, I was attracted to the title of yours because my portfolio project also involves the love stories from the epics. I wanted to compare your perspective to mine and see which stories inspired your love story. When reading Ramayana, I also found so many great examples in the character development and relationship between Rama and Sita, so I was glad you chose them to interview! And you described them perfectly: "Ramayana's golden couple." This interview format was amazing because I feel it allowed you to speak from the point of view of all three characters: Kamadeva, Rama, and Sita. I also love how you embellished the story with the action phrases indicated with the asterisks. This really brought the interview to life because I could picture in my head how the couple was acting and their mannerisms throughout the course of the interview. And even though it was an interview, you were still able to use suspense as Rama explains when Ravana held Sita captive. You could almost hear the pain in his voice when addressing this painful event. I can't wait to read your final product! Fantastic job!


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